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UK (London/Durham) based miniature commission service for quality paintjobs, offering quick service at a very reasonable price.

Most of my experience is in painting for board games and fantasy, but I'll happily take commissions for anything from historical, to WH40k. Mostly take single figure or small group jobs, but happy to take larger scale jobs of full board game or whole army jobs on a case by case basis.

LEVELS (contact for pricing)

Rank and File - a very basic level of painting, usually only suitable for skeleton/zombie/ghoul hordes or similar, where the requirement is just for paint on the model with only slight detail. Basing is not included at this level as standard. Only available for groups of 5 or more models.

Tabletop - The most common level for non-leader board game miniatures and NPCs/monsters for D&D or similar games. Basing available upon request.

Tabletop+ - The most common level for hero models or monsters for D&D, leader models for board games, or any other model that you want an extra "wow" factor on. At this level you can expect extremely smooth blends and a high level of detail across the entire figure, with more dynamic basing.

Centrepiece - My highest level of painting. Here models can be expected to have a distinct wow factor and would be at home on the tabletop as a stand out piece or in a display case. Extras such as OSL, weathering, and freehand will be used liberally, unless you request otherwise, with a clear focal point.

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